Back Seat Words Part 5

“I’d love too” I say before jumping to the back seat. She doesn’t take her eyes off me until I’m sitting proprely. There’s silence and staring only, but the fog on the window suggest we might be doing more than just sitting.

“Okay listen, I wasn’t ready for that not in the state I m or was in before u kissed  me. Not a bad I might add” she laughs. I’m relived a bit cause at least the tension is slowly comin back to being normal.

Seeing her now she looks so beautiful, well more beautiful, I can’t stop looking at her. It’s like I’m waking up from a dream and seeing her for the first time. She’s trying to hide her smile every on and then.

I move a little closer to her, she stops me at arms length. “It’s late Jay” she says “for us or time?” I snap without noticing. She’s stunned. “I’m leaving now, this is not getting us anywhere different. You’re still just all talk and I don’t have time to wait for you to decide” she say before opening the door, I grab her hand and pull her to me with such force that I lose balance and all of a sudden she’s on top of me. 

Face to face now, staring contest which I could never win against her has gone longer than normal. Are you sure you want to leave now? I mock her with a naughty smile on my face. She smile’s and leans in until our lips meet. Slow kissing, soft breathing, our bodies still. I warp my arms around her waist. She moves around until she’s in a more comfortable position. 


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