Mind Games Part 5 

Another day in bed, watching something on TV. Flashes of yesterday keep making me smile and I really want to text Lerato. I get a call from one of my boys to go chill with some girls at some party, no solid information is confirmed expect that I should bring the camera with.

I start getting ready about 2 hours later. I’m very lazy when it comes to going out to socialize with actual human beings. I prefer texting and calling, only a certain number of people are allowed to interact with me face to face.

Another text comes in, it’s Lerato wanting to know my where about, I blow her off cause I don’t want her getting anymore naughty idea’s.  A knock on the door I go to open and it’s Thato the friend who invited me to the party, i rush back to get the camera and my wallet.

We go catch a taxi as none of us have a car, talking briefly trying to get more information about the party we going to but his as clueless as me. I am really getting bored, I start day dreaming about yesterday, she really did a number on me.

We finally arrive and I’m seeing a few familiar face, not a bad thing at all as I hate small talks with idiots I don’t know, we greet some people, keep walking and finally find a nice hidden spot where I can hide myself until something worth while is there for me to capture.

Deejays arrive and sets up his deck and does a sound check and goes out again. The music is still playing but low, you can still hear yourself think, which is bad in my case cause I’m out here trying to forget someone…     

Party starts to get a bit more fully and music goes a bit loud, “time to work my magic” i encourage myself as i get out of my spot, switch on the camera and look for something to capture, I take a few snap and walk about minding my own business, I reach the other end of the party, near the bar and order myself a drink, at least i bought my wallet, my host has long disappear on me.

I roam around once more, taking more image now that people are more relaxed and having a good time, i exchange number with a few people who want their images and move on. I get to my hidden spot and chill.

“I thought you said parties are not you scene” a familiar voice behind me says that, I turn around it’s her wearing all black and looking so gorgeous. “need a hand picking up your jaw from the floor?” she continues noticing that I am lost for words. Finally after what feels like a life time I reply, ” I wasn’t sure i would see my stalker here today” i say taunting her, she smiles, I”m charmed.

Lebo walks in after a couple of minutes, “now theres a stalker” she say and we both laugh.


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