Back Seat words part 6

What feels like the high of our night is quickly ruined by a call from her mom asking why her lights are switched on, but she’s not in her room. Our brief embrace is brought to a halt.

We are both smiling as I walk her to her house. We get to the door and she gets in. She looks at me with an inviting look. “I can’t let you drive in the state you’re in Jay” she says looking down to the visible hard on. I shrug and ask, “What about your mother?”

Her mother looks on as we talk by the door. I almost run for my life. I had never seen Boiti’s mom without make-up on. She calls Boiti and they have a brief chat and she calls me inside.

“Son, Boiti tells me you had a few drinks and home is far for you to drive. And as a mother, I wouldn’t be doing right by you and other people on the road if I let you drive. So please wait a couple of hours till you’re refreshed ane” she says.

Honestly, I was already sober as a judge, but I knew Boiti didn’t want our night to end just yet. So I accepted the offer, but told her I would sleep in the car. She agreed and told Boiti to get me a pillow and blankets. I went back to the car and parked in the garage. A rather spacious garage. I remembered only Boiti and her mom live here and her dad lives somewhere else. A huge black Merc is parked inside and I park next to it.

I get out as soon as I see Boiti coming with my ‘bed’ for the night. I place everything in the car and as I’m about to get in she grabs me and pushes me on to the body of the car before I can compose myself. Our lips are lock, my hand cups her butt and her hands around my neck. A steamy kiss that has us both fired up.

She pulls back and looks at me, those eyes again – my weakness. My hand firmly still intact with her behind, I lift her up a bit and she places a finger on my lips. I’m confused. She looks at me seeking something I don’t know. “I feel like coffee” she says as she turns around and heads to the house. I follow her. We get to the kitchen and she pulls out two mugs and switches on the kettle. We don’t say a word to each other, just naughty smiles and long stares.

“You know my mother is leaving for Mpumalanga in about an hour, there’s some church thing. Why don’t we stay here until then” she says taking off her blue robe. She hands me a cup of hot coffee, I nod in acceptance. I don’t like coffee much, more of a tea guy, but I’m not about to start being a brat now.

“So what do u suggest we do until then?” I say with a naughty smile on my face and stand to walk towards her. She’s pressed against the kitchen counter. Both have our cups in hand.


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