Back Seat Words Part 7

We hear her mom getting up and going to the shower, we look at each and burst in to laughter, “we really should be more careful” she say while laughing, she puts her cup down  and walks to close a door, comes back grabs her cup and walks to the TV room.

I am confused should i follow her or just go sleep. Beep Beep a text come through, i want you so badly ~ boiti, I smile while i read this and reply behave we’re in your mother’s house. I hear her laughing all the way from the TV room. I go to my car, i feel a bit more relaxed there. i hear a bang on the window, i think i dosed off. It’s Boiti’s mom.

“I am going on a church trip, please look after my Boiti, I’m glad your here, she always speaks highly of you and i can see why” she say with a huge motherly smile on her face. “okay ma, do travel safe and i will look after her” i say. she drives off and i get out to lock the gates after shes gone out. i haven’t seen Boiti, i guess she’s sleeping already.

I’m back in the car, its almost 5:30 in the morning, i decide to take nap. i hear the door opening, its Boiti, wearing a white PJ tank top and blue and white polka dot shorts, she gets on top of me and smile, leans down and whispers “this is my sexual fantasy” I am fully awake both mind and down there. I grab her by the waist and pull her in, our lips lock, slow and passionate, I flip her over so now I am on top, she spreads her thick legs, making room for me, she takes of my top so quickly while we still kissing, one of her nipples slip out and its already hard, i grab her boob and kiss her neck, she lets out a low moan, i move to her neck bone and all the way to her boobies.

I try to take of her top but she stops me and stares deep in my eyes, “make me yours please” she say as she warps her arms around my neck and kisses me, forget the top Im going in, i unbuckle my belt and zip and spread her legs wider, move her shorts to the side, shes already soaking wet and to my surprise she not wearing any panties, rubs her gently and she moans, her back arches with every stroke, finally I manage to penetrate her with my finger, she gaps trying to hold on something, her clit already throbbing and juices just dripping on my hand.

I feel her soft hand reaching from my member until she finds him, she grabs it and strokes it a few times making me groan, i wasn’t expecting that, she pulls him closer to her and i take of her short, just as I am about to enter her, she shouts “wait!!! you don’t have protection on?”


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