Mind Games part 7

My thoughts are rushing, head spining and heart pounding. I can’t breath, I can’t think, what did i just hear?  I look at Lerato, she looks back at me and shrugs, my senses return to me so quickly I start laughing, why am I even panicking, I didn’t sleep with her. 

Calm finally return everyone is minding their own business and the party is back in full swing. Lerato and I are well hidden in my spot, she can’t even look at me. “What was that about?” I say after long silence. 

“Lebo thinks I’m pregnant cause he found a test saying postive but it’s not mine and I have been telling him that.” She stop talking about looks deep into my eyes. “Jay!” She say softly “can I sleep over at your place tonight?” 

I’m serious going to regret this but hey “yeah sure plus I’m almost done here either way” I reply to her with a smile. I rush of to find my mate and explain my situation which he found very funny and we part ways

“Our uber is here” she says, I’m confused but hey free ride home prefect. We make our way out and get in to our ride. She’s looking out the window, I going through the images I took at the party and select ones to edit later on. We finally get to my place, she made me pay for the uber, I should have seen this coming. 

We get in my house, I switch on the light and tv, she’s making herself comfy. “That’s my bed for the night” I tease her, I see a little smile on her face, great at least she’s smiling now. “Do u want something to drink or eat” I shout from the kitchen.

She’s walks in while I’m looking in the fridge for something to eat. I close the door and there she is again in my tshirts and knee high socks and nothing else. I’m speechless, she coughs to get my attention on her upper body, “I had nothing else to wear, I hope u don’t mind” she says with a huge smile on her face like today didn’t happen. I shake my head and smile back. 

“What’s for dinner?” She asks before raiding my kitchen, she stops when she notices I haven’t replied to her question. “Jay I asked you, what’s for dinner?” “You!!!” I reply 


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