Back Seat Words Part 8

Dammit I didn’t bring any, I check every inch of my car there is nothing, I can see she’s quickly losing hope of this happening. I turn to ask her if she does have any, she shakes her head before I can even finish my sentences.

“I always use my fingers” she says out of no where, I don’t know whether to laugh or be shocked, ” maybe it wasn’t meant to happen like this, I mean wow so many trails and errors” she says and we both laugh. It’s one of those night were nothing was supposed to happen, happened but still didn’t work out in the end.

We sitting in the back seat again, her head on my chest and I’m playing with her hair, we having those intimate yet dumb chat. We both almost naked, pieces of our clothing item all over the car. Pillow in between her legs. Her skin is so soft, she smells devine and you know those eyes, they get me every time.

“so your not even going to try and change my mind about not having sex without a condom” she say but I think it was only a thought, she mistakenly said it out loud. She clears her throat when I don’t reply. “oh, lol I would but I am letting you crave me a little more” I say kissing her forehead. We both laugh, this is nice actually but it is not real. The minute I am out of those gates, it’s back to reality.

We both don’t want it to end, we both are finding excuses not to part ways and let this Night/morning end, but it must. “do you want breakfast?” she asks after long time.

We get dressed and go inside the house, it’s sunny outside already, I excuse myself to the toilet, didn’t notice I was holding it in for a while now, she starts making me breakfast, im gone for a while, when I come back, I stare at her from afar, she’s so graceful, humming while she waits for the toast, I think she’s going out to make me this food, I come in and hug her from the back, she smiles but doesn’t look at me.

My phone has been off since earlier on, I ask her for a charger but she directs me to her room, as I walk, I notice I’ve never been inside this house before. I get there and grab the charger and as I am about to walk out she come in with food on a tray. “I could get used to such treatment” I say taunting her, she smiles and puts the tray down, out eyes meet and we walk towards each other, she’s in my arms, she’s looking up at me and I’m looking down at her, this moment right here is just amazing.


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