Your relationship vs social standards 

Ever read 10 ways to do something in your relationship that left you questioning the status(lack of a better word) of your relationship? Before we derail yeah knowledge is key to improving stuff especially relationships, but my thing is if your grass is green why worry when some mag or internet link tell u otherwise? 

Don’t get me start on social  media couple and quotes, the king this, the queen that, werent u feeling royal all along? If not why u still in that relationship. I have been privileged to different people with different perspectives when it comes to dating, from your singles to married and weirdly the comfortable side guy or girl. 

They all say they want simple people, willing to date a person who is still finding themselves but there’s always a catch like “you can’t be this age without this or what were doing all along not figuring shit”  society has put a deadline on when people should have certain things, latest crazy, marrying young, yes young love is beautiful but it’s not mature love. 

I only thought this was one sided, obviously female oriented but I noticed nigga also do it and the worse, comparing current bae with social media standards, is that what relationships have come too? 

I want to have a conversation, so hit me up on your views on this 


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